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Bb. Pilipinas Anna Valencia Lakrini in Tirana, Albania. Image: Facebook/Anna Valencia Lakrini

Posted on November 7, 2023

Miss Globe pageant throws birthday surprise for Bb. Pilipinas Anna Lakrini

MANILA, Philippines — The 2023 edition of The Miss Globe pageant kicked off on a celebratory note with a surprise birthday bash for Binibining Pilipinas Anna Valencia Lakrini, who arrived in Albania on her 25th natal day on November 5.

The Filipino delegate was welcomed with a “Happy Birthday” song from her fellow candidates as she stepped inside a hall in Tirana. Staff members of The Miss Globe organization then brought out a chocolate cake for her to blow out the candle. The festive atmosphere was matched by Lakrini’s color-blocked dress with cape sleeves and indigenous Filipino prints designed by Harley Ruedas, and flashy feather earrings from Janine Cristina Rivera Mendez.

“Actually, I’m very, very surprised. I’m very, very happy that this is happening right now,” Lakrini told pageant news page Missosology, that streamed the happenings live on Facebook. “I’m happy to have all my Globe sisters here, it’s such a surprise,” she continued.

“I actually forgot that it’s my birthday because it’s a long travel,” the German-Filipino model, tutor, and nutrition graduate shared. She first had a 10-hour flight from Manila to Dubai, then had a 10-hour layover before her six-hour flight to Albania. “It’s a long, long travel, and I’m glad to finally be here,” Lakrini said.

She also took the opportunity to send a message to her Filipino followers: “Mabuhay! Hello everyone from the Philippines. Maraming, maraming salamat po for your support. I’m getting so many messages. I can’t believe I’m here. Thank you for all your birthday greetings, I love you guys so much. I am grateful to be here, and let’s conquer the globe.”

Lakrini will try to score the Philippines’ third victory in the current iteration of The Miss Globe pageant under Deliart Association established in 1995, following fellow Bb. Pilipinas queens Ann Lorraine Colis in 2015 and Maureen Montagne in 2021.

More than 50 delegates from all over the globe are competing to succeed last year’s winner, Anabel Payano from the Dominican Republic. The Miss Globe pageant will hold its 2023 coronation show in Tirana on November 17 (November 18 in Manila).

Since Colis’ coronation, Bb. Pilipinas queens have consistently placed in The Miss Globe pageant. Aside from the two victories, the Philippines has also scored four runner-up finishes and two semifinal placements.


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