Official Statement from BCPI regarding Binibining Pilipinas - USA

Posted on July 31, 2013

Please be informed that Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI), the organizer of Binibining Pilipinas Beauty Pageant and official holder of the franchises for Miss Universe and Miss International is in no way connected with any entity and/or pageant operating in other countries such as the Binibining Pilipinas – USA and its affiliates.

This clarification is being made after receiving several inquiries from different sectors on the true relationship of BPCI and Binibining Pilipinas – USA. The public's confusion apparently stems from the blatant and unauthorized use of logos, format, layout, activities, name, mark, style design and concept that are disturbingly similar and almost identical to that of BPCI's Binibining Pilipinas Beauty Pageant.

While imitation may be the best compliment, BPCI issues this clarification to caution all entities, sponsors, partners and candidates that it has not in any way granted authorization to any pageant or organization to stage a competition on its behalf. Hence it will not honor any commitment or agreement that any party may enter into in connection with "Binibining Pilipinas – USA" or any similar pageant, as a consequence of its contest, including contracts as to prizes, sponsors and production, and other activities. BPCI likewise advises clients of "Binibining Pilipinas – USA" that it will not honor or hold itself liable under any promise; contract or offer whatsoever intended to bind BPCI.

For more information the Bb. Pilipinas, please go to and

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