Kris Tiffany Janson goes behind the scenes at Miss Intercontinental

Posted on December 22, 2014
Kris Tiffany Janson goes behind the scenes at Miss Intercontinental
In between pageant duties, Kris samples Germany's famous Schokolade

Kris Tiffany Janson, 25 year old Cebuana finance analyst, aims for a historic beauty pageant feat this week as the first Filipina to compete in the Miss Intercontinental on December 4 in Magdeburg, Germany. One of the most prestigious beauty contests in Europe and considered the 'United Nations of Beauty', Miss Intercontinental has been in existence for 43 years and draws the world’s most beautiful women in an exciting pageant.

In an exclusive interview with the Manila Bulletin, Kris Tiffany Janson talks about travel in Germany, keeping poised in the freezing German winter and shares light moments behind the scenes of Miss Intercontinental.

Kris Tiffany Janson goes behind the scenes at Miss Intercontinental
Kris with her pageant besties, Miss India and Miss Portugal—right before playing a game of Pinoy Henyo!
  1. How's your experience so far in Germany?
    It has been amazing. Having to meet all these beautifully wonderful girls from different parts of the world is such a unique and phenomenal experience.

  2. How's it like to do a pageant in -2 degree temperature?
    It's freezing! We just came from the parliament and we went to the top of the building for a tour. I enjoyed the tour even if it was freezing. I was more interested of the story of the sights than the weather.

  3. How are the other girls treating you, as a contender from Philippines?
    They all know the Philippines and how supportive the Filipino fans are. They are also a bit jealous seeing the support I get from the Filipinos all over the world.

  4. Who's your roommate and how is she like? Who would you deem as your closest pageant friend?
    I am roommates with Ms. India, Chandini Sharma. I love her to death because she is just like me. We get along so well. I also made friends with Ms. Mauritius, Ms. Malta and Ms. Portugal.
  5. What sights have you seen so far?
    We have been to Bradenburg Gate, which is one of the most iconic landmarks in Germany. We also went to a Christmas market. We went to see the famous Amplenann, the place in Berlin that originated pedestrian lights, which is quite interesting.

  6. What's your best experience so far?
    It's the whole idea of making new friends in a different country from different countries, exchanging cultures. Giving them an idea of the my home is all about and telling them all about the fantastic sights to see in the Philippines.

  7. Kris Tiffany Janson goes behind the scenes at Miss Intercontinental
    Kris strikes a pose in Germany’s historic Bradenburg Gate
  8. Any funny story you want to share?
    While we were waiting for our National Costume rehearsals to start, I introduced the game 'Pinoy Henyo' to the girls to break the ice and kill time.

  9. Seeing the competition and being in it, what have you done so far that gives you confidence that you will win the crown?
    I have faith in myself and faith in God. I have trained for the pageant for several months and I trust that all I have worked for, and all I am able to offer will shine on stage.

  10. Message to your fans?
    Daghang salamat maraming salamat. Thank you to everyone who expressed their support. All the girls always mention about the philippines fan base ans they are very jealous of it. I am far from my home and my family but because of your support i feel strong.

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