Pageant FAQs

Binibining Pilipinas Application

1. When is the application period?

Interested applicants have until January 31, 2020 to submit their application forms. They will then go through a rigorous screening process courtesy of the esteemed BPCI executive committee that will culminate on January 6, 2020.

2. Where do we get the application form?

You can either download the form here, or get a copy from the BPCI Office in person.

3. What should you bring?

Please provide original copies + one photocopy

1. Proof of citizenship

1. For natural-born citizen, Born in the Philippines - birth certificate and Philippine passport, if applicable.

2. Balikbayan Who Re-Acquired Philippine Citizenship Under R.A. 9225 - Birth Certificate or Report of Birth; and Identification certificate issued by the Bureau of Immigration.

3. Natural-Born Citizen Born Outside the Philippines - Report of Birth issued by the Philippine Consulate in the country of Birth; or NSO certificate stating that birth was reported by the Philippine consulate and recorded in the Philippines.

2. Proof of Residency

1. Valid government-issued ID showing address in the Philippines for those who have not resided outside the country.

2. For those who have resided outside the Philippines, valid government-issued ID showing Philippine address, plus any of the following: Philippine Passport, Foreign Passport; or Certificate from Bureau of Immigration stating date of entry into the Philippines.

3. College or High School Diploma.

4. Medical Certificate for both Physical and Mental health and well-being.

5. Certificate of Good Moral Character given by your School, Church or Professional Organization.

6. Two (2) photographs (at least 3R size) - One (1) close up and one (1) full body shot.

7. Parent's consent if below 18 years old.

4. What is the age requirement to qualify for the pageant?

Applicant should be from 17 to 26 years of age at the time of the pageant.